• As Acts Retirement-Life Communities reaches this momentous milestone, Chief Executive Officer Jerry Grant and President Karen Christiansen reflect on the organization’s history, how we continue to achieve our mission and what’s ahead.

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50 Years of Loving-Kindness, and the Best is Ahead

Acts Retirement-Life Communities story began modestly in 1972 with a clear mission: Providing peace of mind to seniors by being a pre-eminent provider of retirement services in a Christian atmosphere graced with Loving-Kindness. Today, the Acts organization remains humble and steadfast in that mission, focusing on meeting the needs of many more seniors and working with our industry partners to shape the future of aging services.

The Legacy of Loving-Kindness

How Acts Retirement-Life Communities has changed the landscape of senior living with a vision founded in faith and guided by a commitment to integrity and Loving-Kindness.

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Sentiments From the Acts Family & Partners

Members of the Acts family and Aging Services industry share their memories, congratulations and well wishes.

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